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Learners from HeronBridge College ready to take part in the inaugural Nqoba Challenge on September 24

A course for younger children and their families will have a number of obstacles to be conquered by participants.

HeronBridge College is excited for an inaugural event that involves lots of fun for families with young children on September 24.

Open to families and children between the ages of four and 13, the Nqoba Challenge is an inflatable obstacle course that has two routes and it set to test one’s level of fitness. The 3km route is for younger children, while the slightly more challenging 5km is for older children.

Marketing co-ordinator at the school, Natasha Marot said there was a need to introduce an event catered to younger children and their families. “As we head into the warmer, summer months, we wanted to create a fun, outdoors event for families with young children. There are so many sporting events on the school calendar for the ‘older kids’ and so this event is an opportunity celebrate those aged four to 13 and their parents, caregivers, aunties, grannies, friends and so on,” she said.

HeronBridge College also has a partnership with Planet Fitness which is involved in the Nqoba Challenge, and had added their hand in sports development in the school. They previously worked with the school in the Standard Bank HeronBridge Invitational held earlier this year.

Marot added that there is the hope to add the Nqoba Challenge to the school’s yearly calendar and that anyone can enter the challenge at the school.

“The aim is for families with younger children to have a fantastic day out. Whether you are a sporty dad with a 12-year-old and want to test your fitness on the 5km challenge, or a family with small kids that is just looking for a fun day out, the Nqoba Challenge is for you.

“For the sportier participants, there is a chance to earn Discovery Vitality points for the 5km, and the school’s challenge is for bragging rights; we’re challenging all our surrounding schools to enter as many families as possible.”

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