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Learning Aproach Brick-by-Brick

In education we often talk about building strong foundations that will give your child the tools to progress throughout their school career and thrive in life.

Using the analogy of ‘building a house’, foundations are the first place that you should start, but anyone that has built a house will know that without proper project management, things can easily go awry. You need someone onsite, collaborating with builders and suppliers, checking the details, and rectifying any discrepancies early on so that they don’t result in long-term problems. These experts will weigh in with their insight where it matters most.

A child’s learning requires the same attention to the fundamental details. Growth and development are a complex process and schools that offer an approach that combines the use of teachers and educational specialists trained in a child’s neurological, physical, and emotional development, help your child to learn in a way that makes sense to them right now.

This generation of children and teens are dealing with pressures and demands that are different to the generations that preceded them. High levels of anxiety and an increase in learning challenges are prevalent. Then add Covid aftereffects into the mix! Children today require less ‘teaching of’ curriculum and more ‘attention to’ their needs and their individual progress.

There are huge benefits to therapeutic interventions being offered at mainstream schools by specialists, such as educational psychologists, and accommodations/concessions during exams. This type of academic support enables children to overcome obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their full potential, all while fully participating in an integrated manner with their peers in the larger, more vibrant school context.

In addition, schools that are working closely with trained specialists in childhood development are more likely to offer programmes, curriculum, and classroom-support techniques that help children to learn more effectively. This intervention not only assists children in their early years of schooling but, like foundations, ensures that each level thereafter is secure. Early intervention impacts the outcome of Matric and beyond!

Bridging classes allow for the re-enforcing of perceptual and emotional foundations, critical to further academic and personal growth. Through smaller class sizes and teacher/specialist expertise, the individual needs of a range of children, who would ordinarily struggle in a larger learning environment, can be met. The flexibility offered through this approach allows for both extension and additional support of students, while keeping apace with standardised syllabus progression.

At HeronBridge College we offer an onsite learning centre that is host to a range of specialists and work closely with teachers and parents to provide the support necessary to “meet each child where they are at.”

As teachers and parents, it is our job to be the project managers of our children’s school journey and leaning on the insight of the experts around us can make all the difference.

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