At HeronBridge pre-prep we provide a space that is safe, happy and full of laughter where our play-based programmes encourage early learning for children from 3 years to Grade R.

Our loving and caring staff offer a heart-led approach to education that focuses on the development of the ‘whole child’ in a way that is playful, creative and relevant to each child.

Controlled class sizes enable our specialised staff to provide individual attention and learning opportunities to each child in our care, and teaching assistants are allocated to each class depending on the age and size of the children in the class.

  • The pre-prep school hours are from 07:30 to 13:00.

  • Early morning drop-off is available from 07:00.
  • Aftercare is available from 13:30 until 15:30 (half-day) or 17:30 (full-day).


Laying a Solid Foundation

It is in the early years that children build the blocks for learning both at school and in life. Our pre-prep provides a vital step in laying firm foundations for the development of the social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive growth of each, individual child.

Perceptual motor development is an integral part of our learning programme, facilitating growth and development through movement and exploration. It is through kinaesthetic and sensory experiences that children develop the necessary neural pathways in their brain for effective and holistic learning to take place. A good perceptual motor development programme is also the foundation for coding.

Teachers are specialised in Early Childhood Development and our IEB curriculum is creative, fun, and age-appropriate.

The following programmes are included in the fees:

  • Freshly cooked lunch

  • Clamber Club Grade Q0 & 000

  • Colourstrings music

  • Playball (Grade 00 & R)
  • Jolly phonics (R)

  • Six Bricks by the Lego Foundation (Grade 00 & R)
  • Fantasy village (Grade 00 & R)
  • Learn to swim (Grade R)

Extramural Activities

Participation in extramural activities plays an important role in promoting social skills, self-confidence, and physical well-being.

These activities are offered by private coaches at an additional cost and take place on campus throughout the year for relevant age groups.

The following extramural activities are on offer for HeronBridge pre-prep learners:

  • Ballet
  • Clamber Club
  • Dance Mouse
  • Football
  • Music: Vocals, Piano and Drums
  • Playgolf
  • Pottery
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Tennis


Our beautiful pre-prep school is on the same campus as the prep and college, but is housed as a separate space, allowing us to create a comfortable and unique environment for our little ones.

In our space, we focus on nurturing each child and encouraging play at our fantastic facilities which include individual playgrounds for each age group, spacious classrooms (with a small adult-to-child ratio) and a one-of-a-kind fantasy village.

Pretend play is of central importance to the social, emotional and cognitive development of children throughout their preschool years. Early developmental learning theorists continue to advocate the importance of pretend play-based learning from an early age and it provides a central theme to our facilities and activities.

Additional Services

Occupational Therapy

Therapy Centre

HeronBridge College works closely with trained specialists in childhood development to offer programmes, curriculum, and classroom-support techniques that help children to learn more effectively. We have a fully equipped therapy room and children are assessed and treated at school during the morning at a time that is best suited to them and their class routine. All therapists are available for afternoon therapy too.

Our experienced therapists have been fully integrated into the school and its staff for many years. The team meets regularly and provides detailed therapy and feedback to teachers as well as parents on an ongoing basis.

Specialist therapy services are provided at an additional fee and are inclusive of the following:

  • Educational psychology / play therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and language
  • Reading
  • Learner support


HeronBridge College provides an aftercare programme for our pre-preparatory children during the term with lunch provided every day.

Aftercare is available for learners on a half day package until 15:30 or a full day package until 17:30.

Aftercare Play

Holiday Club

The pre-prep is closed during school holidays but offers a wonderful holiday programme for a determined period at an additional cost.

The programme is run by HeronBridge staff and is available at half and full-day options.

We look forward to welcoming you!