2022 invites our parents to view our

Weekly boarding


We are proud to introduce boarding at HeronBridge College from 2022. While boarding is
new to our school it is not new on our campus, having been a feature of Woodmead School
prior to our becoming Heronbridge College in 2001. 
Our boarding facilities are situated in what is currently the Retreat, and allow us to
comfortably accommodate our weekly boarders in a ‘home away from home’ on campus. 
The interiors of the boarding houses have been extensively modified in order to ensure we
provide a modern and well-designed facility to provide all necessary comforts and facilities
for our boarders. 
All meals during the week will be provided for by the Retreat catering team and our hope is
to provide a nurturing environment where our boarders are happy, engaged and fully
immersed in life at our school. 

Join our family


Where relationships are formed, homes are built. The friendships that start here will last for the rest of your life.

A student who is happy and belongs to the boarding family house will feel safe and motivated to engage in all spheres of life at HeronBridge College. 

Our programme: 

Our Housemasters’ and Deputy Housemasters’ homes are allocated to the boarding house, to ensure that there is a visible adult presence.  

With 5 years of experience in a Housemaster role, Mr. is excited to instill and oversee the ethos into our new-found boarding house. 

Example of daily schedule:

 Pre-breakfast              Gym, going for an early run, morning devotions – all optional
 06h30                             Breakfast
 07h00                             Time for school
 14h30                             Return to boarding house to get changed for co-curriculars
 15h00 – 16h30            Sport / cultural activities
 17h00 – 18h00            Free time
 18h00                             Dinner – Meals served at the pool on Tuesday evenings
 19h00 – 21h00            Cycle-test prep / Braai on Thursday evenings with football on the grass
 21h30                             Lights-out

Our facilities

Boarding Ethos:

Our intention is for boarding to be a home away from home. 
As we start small, our boarders have the opportunity to be part of our story, writing each
new chapter with us as we embark on this new adventure.
It is not our intention to have a rigid structure, but rather to create a programme that allows
for our students to have flexibility within the guidelines and support offered by our house
parents and tutors.
Our intention is to create an environment where the boarders feel they are not separate,
but rather a key component of HeronBridge College. Early morning gym time or devotions
will build a sense of the importance of good physical and spiritual health, while building a
community and boarding ‘family.’
Our staff appointments are of the highest importance, as they allow us to provide for the
best onsite ‘parenting’ that we can offer. These house parents and tutors will be responsible
for the encouragement, well-being and pastoral care of each of our students.
The Retreat catering team will ensure that our boarders are well fed, and the beautiful
environment in which the boarding house is situated provides and quiet and peaceful home
based on a campus with excellent facilities for self-development.

A message from the Boarding Headmaster

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